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Paul Y.F.

Sports Surgeon 
Knee & Hip Consultant
Regeneration Medicine Doctor  

MBBch, MFSEM (UK), MSc (Sports Med), PhD, FEBOT, FRCS (Tr & Orth) 

Professor Lee specialises in Knee and Hip conditions. Being a double board-certified surgeon with 5 international fellowships, he is able to offer a balanced and up to date opinion between surgery and non-surgical intervention. He has treated UK Premiership footballers with good results and is also at the forefront for cell therapy, being a member of the International Cartilage Regeneration & Joint Preservation Society.

As a Surgeon, Professor Lee offers evidence-based methods with advanced technology to reduce tissue damage and help patients kickstart their recovery.

As a Professor, he is widely published and often invited to give lectures on PRP, Cell therapy, ACL reconstruction, Knee replacement and Hip replacement internationally.


Over the years, Prof Lee has built up a network to exchange knowledge with an international team of surgeons to remain at the cutting edge of innovation.



Prof Lee is a British Regeneration Orthopaedic Surgeon. He is a consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in the NHS and visiting professor of sports medicine with the School of Sport and Exercise Science, College of Social Science, University of Lincoln. He has a MSc in Sports Medicine and PhD in medical cell engineering and surgical fellowships in regenerative medicine. As an expert in the field of regenerative medicine, Professor Lee is internationally recognised as the ICRS teaching centre of excellence for cartilage and joint preservation surgery.

Combining surgery, technology, engineering and medical principles, Prof Lee has taken medicine to the next level with Single Treatment Autologous Chondrocyte implantation (STACi), Golden Steps Knee Replacement, SPAIRE hip replacement, Same day hip replacement, Tendon saving ACL surgery and regeneration injections.

He regularly performs treatment to bone, joints, cartilage and meniscus with extensive knowledge of the latest biomedical materials and surgical techniques. With his involvement in elite sports[1], Prof Lee has published his results in peer reviewed medical journals on the treatment of muscle injuries[2] in UK Premiership footballers, which has significantly reduced their time for recovery and return to play[3].


As a regional surgical advisor for the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Prof Lee fully engages with surgical teaching and offers support to students to develop surgical skills. Prof Lee embraces the use of digital technology, currently working with the school of computer science to build artificial intelligence and deep learning models in musculoskeletal regenerative medicine. As the medical director of MSK Doctors, he has established a network of doctors, surgeons, physios and scientists to form the ENRICH-MSK partnership to promote education and research in MSK regeneration and sports medicine.

Over the past few years, he has achieved many research grants. His research interests range from cartilage research, muscle injuries, Actovegin therapy to digital patient engagement and consent.

Prof Lee is a Key Opinion Leader in Regeneration, Actovegin, Cartilage Cell Therapy, Sports injuries, Joint replacements, General Trauma. His passion for teaching and medical education has led to his involvement with many medical schools, universities, royal colleges and postgraduate teaching organisations internationally. He has also acted as Expert Witness for many medical-legal cases for negligence and personal injuries.

02 Qualifications

Since 2018

Medical  Director

MSK Doctors

The Keep Clinic, MSK House, OPEN MRI

Since 2018

Harley Street Consultant

Harley Street, London Sports Injuries Clinic, London Cartilage Clinic, MSK Doctors

Since 2017

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

NHS England


Health Foundation, Q


Clinical Entrepreneur Fellow, 

Community Member, Quality Improvement 




Trauma and Orthopaedic surgery 




Clinical Leadership Fellow




Royal college of Surgeons of Edinburgh 




(Medical Engineering) Cardiff University 




European Board of Orthopaedic Trauma




(Sports and exercise Medicine) UWIC 




Royal College of surgeons of Edinburgh 


Prince 2






Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine UK 




Cardiff University





03 Experience 

Expert in Sports, Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery
Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon  

Prof Lee founded MSK Doctors, with the aim of advancing musculoskeletal regeneration medicine and offering leading-edge treatment to patients. He has successfully introduced treatments such as STACi, Lipogems, S.P.A.I.R.E. and KneeKG to clinical practice. He is a strong advocate for non-surgical management for knee arthritis and has published his experience with knee brace in the British Medical Journal.

Prof Lee joined the Gilmore Groin Clinic in Harley Street, London and has been working with the late Mr Gilmore's team to treat common groin injuries in athletes. He has introduced a regeneration approach to sports injuries as part of the London Sports & injuries clinic in Harley Street and has treated high profile clients; which has attracted media attention and often consults on topics such as sports injuries, running, knee issues, regeneration and orthopaedics.

Prof Lee partnered with the Phoenix hospital group in Harley Street, London to deliver concierge orthopaedics regeneration and sports surgery to patients. With major investment in the infrastructure and specific protocols, all patients having major surgery such as hip and knee replacement are discharged home within 24 hours, pain-free. Many patients travel internationally for this service which was nominated for the health innovation award in the regeneration surgery network and the concierge award by patient's choice international network.

As MSK Doctors has grown, Prof Lee has become the medical director for MSK Doctors, opening two new dedicated exclusive clinics in Lincolnshire 'the Keep Clinic' and 'MSK house'. He has introduced the only dynamic open MRI scanner in the county to the clinic to benefit the population in rural Lincolnshire.


Perfect surgery relies on knowledge & modern equipment.

Only a few hospitals & clinics can offer this environment for surgeons. 

International Cartilage Regeneration Society - ICRS  

Teaching Centre of Excellence

With a PhD in medical Cell Engineering and surgical fellowships in Regenerative Medicine. Prof Lee is an internationally recognised expert in the field of regenerative medicine, he was awarded ICRS teaching centre of excellence for cartilage and joint preservation surgery.


Combining surgery, technology, engineering and medical principles, he has taken cell therapy to the next level with Single Treatment Autologous Chondrocyte implantation and cell augmented meniscus repair. As the medical director of the London Cartilage Clinic, he regularly performs treatments to cartilage and meniscus with extensive knowledge of the latest biomedical materials and surgical techniques.   

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Innovative treatment guided by evidence 

Golden Step Knee Replacement

Cell Augmented - Meniscus Repair

Biological Regeneration Injections

P.R.P. - Platelet Rich Plasma
We should respect biology & apply our knowledge in
Science to Medicine.

Whether it is physio, injections, surgery,  rehab or recovery.

The same principles apply.

The Cells are the same.


Applying biological principles and cell based science to medicine. Giving the body a second chance.

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Alternative to delay or avoid surgery. Optimise whats there.

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sports science

Applying sports science and human performance technology to Medicine 

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Fellowship trained specialist surgeon, double board certified in Trauma and Orthopeadics

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Professional associations

Fellowship of Royal College of Surgeons (Tr & Orth) 

Membership of Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine  

Fellowship European Board of Orthopaedics and Traumatology  

Membership of British Hip Society  

Membership of British Orthopaedic Sports Trauma and Arthroscopy Association  

British Orthopaedic Association 

Biological Knee Society  

International Society Cell and Gene Therapy 

International Cartilage Regeneration Society 


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by Paul Lee

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