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Perfect surgery relies on knowledge & modern equipment


Only a few hospitals & clinics can offer this environment for surgeons.

Expert in Sports, Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery
Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon 

Prof Lee founded MSK Doctors, with the aim of advancing musculoskeletal regeneration medicine and offering leading-edge treatment to patients. He has successfully introduced treatments such as STACi, Lipogems, S.P.A.I.R.E. and KneeKG to clinical practice. He is a strong advocate for non-surgical management for knee arthritis and has published his experience with knee brace in the British Medical Journal.

Prof Lee joined the Gilmore Groin Clinic in Harley Street, London and has been working with the late Mr Gilmore's team to treat common groin injuries in athletes. He has introduced a regeneration approach to sports injuries as part of the London Sports & injuries clinic in Harley Street and has treated high profile clients; which has attracted media attention and often consults on topics such as sports injuriesrunningknee issuesregeneration and orthopaedics.

Prof Lee partnered with the Phoenix hospital group in Harley Street, London to deliver concierge orthopaedics regeneration and sports surgery to patients. With major investment in the infrastructure and specific protocols, all patients having major surgery such as hip and knee replacement are discharged home within 24 hours, pain-free. Many patients travel internationally for this service which was nominated for the health innovation award in the regeneration surgery network and the concierge award by patient's choice international network.

As MSK Doctors has grown, Prof Lee has become the medical director for MSK Doctors, opening two new dedicated exclusive clinics in Lincolnshire 'the Keep Clinic' and 'MSK house'. He has introduced the only dynamic open MRI scanner in the county to the clinic to benefit the population in rural Lincolnshire.

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