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Arthrosamid injections for knees are a new treatment for arthritis that is available from MSK Doctors. This treatment can help to reduce inflammation and pain in the knee and can help you to get back to your normal activities.

If you are suffering from arthritis in your knees, you may be looking for a new treatment that can help you to get relief from your symptoms. Arthrosamid injections for knees are a new treatment that is available from MSK Doctors. This treatment can help to reduce inflammation and pain in the knee and can help you to get back to your normal activities.

Arthrosamid injections are made from an innovative non-biodegradable hydrogel technology, Arthrosamid is 97.5% water with 2.5% being a cross-linked polyacrylamide backbone. This substance works by reducing inflammation in the knee joint. Studies have suggested that Arthrosamid can reduce bone marrow lesion, commonly known as bone bruising

If you are interested in learning more about this new treatment for arthritis, please contact MSK Doctors or 108 Harley Street to make an appointment with Professor Lee.

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Professor Paul Lee was the first person to use this novel iPAGG (Polyacrylamide) substance in the UK to treat patient with Knee Osteoarthritis since September 2021.

A systematic review by the University of Lincoln and MSK Doctors pooled all available medical studies with over 400 patients has confirm the effectiveness of this new gel injection. The study summarises the comparison between this iPAGG injections to the traditional injections for knee pain and have found that is significantly better and longer lasting.

This Polyacrylamide has a long track record in the medical industry and over 1 million syringes has been use in human as a facial filler for aesthic and bulking agent to treat incontinence. It also has a good track record in the in the animal world use by Vets to treat lame horses.

This gel adheres to and insulate the lining of the join (synovial membrane) and acts as a warp (biological scaffold) which insulate the joint to shield it from angry inflammatory cells that lined the joint (the synovium). So it is kind of acting as a special shield.

Professor Lee explains:

‘ We have great result with this new gel, it seems to works when other injections has failed. Most importantly, it is works for patients with patella -femoral (kneecap) pain.’

Over 200 syringes has be used in MSK Doctors and London Cartilage Clinic since it launch in September 2021. Beside the happy patients and improve in functional scores, the MRI scans 6 months following injections has shown some promising results. In a recent clinical article in the Journal of Arthritis, it has shown this gel can significantly reduce bruising within the bone in patients with grade 4 bone on bone arthritis.

This iPAGG gel does not get absorb or destroy by the body, the way that it behave is similar to a knee implant. Once it was put in, it stays there, it integrades and become a part of the body. ‘It is an injectable implant to a joint and it is powerful, so we must take it very seriously. The same prep work for knee implants should done before injection, due to the nature of this gel, it should only be use by experience doctors with appropriate back up system in place.’

A team in the University of Lincoln are working with MSK Doctors, The Regenerative Clinic and London Cartilage Clinic to track and follow up the clinical result for this novel gel injection treatment to the knee.

Click to download the publication:

PFJ case report arthrosamid
Download PDF • 255KB

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Updated: Feb 5, 2023

MSK Doctors has acquired Esaote’s dedicated Open MRI S-scan system. The company has two clinics in Lincolnshire – The Keep in Grantham and The MSK House in Sleaford. Professor Paul Lee said: “Esaote’s dedicated Open MRI scanner is vital for us as…

Professor Paul Lee said: “Esaote’s dedicated Open MRI scanner is vital for us as it is our eyes and we need to be able to clearly see patient pathology and degradation. We chose the S-scan as it is a dedicated MSK scanner, well suited to a dedicated MSK clinic. We were also very impressed as they are endorsed by FIMS, the International Federation of Sports Medicine.

“The scanner appealed to us due to the open bore for claustrophobic patients, the good standard of imaging and the cost-effective nature of the power requirements. Another big benefit are the dynamic true motion sequences that are available; these allow us to assess anatomy in real time, which is hugely beneficial to patient diagnosis.”

Staff at the newly opened at Sleaford branch of MSK Doctors hope their host of modern equipment, sourced from across the world, will help to alleviate the strain on the NHS.

Having opened in December, the private clinic on London Road has a range of technology that is typically used to treat professional athletes.

Professor Paul Lee, the medical director at the clinic and lower limb specialist, told Lincolnshire Live that there were substantial benefits to assessing patients in an open MRI scanner compared to the traditional 'doughnut-shaped' machine.

Unlike standard scanners, which require patients to remain stationary, the MRI scanner at the clinic can capture patients in motion under a new, expanding branch of medicine called motion dynamics.

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Mr Yewlett and Professor Lee stand in the sports assessment room. Now MSK House, the building used to be a driving range. 


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